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Background and Reference Checks

To ensure that individuals who join the College are well qualified and to ensure that the College maintains a safe and productive work environment, pre-employment background checks on all applicants who accept an offer of employment are conducted. Background checks may include verification of any information on the applicant’s resume or application form.

All offers of employment are conditioned on receipt of a background check report that is acceptable to the College. All background checks are conducted in conformity with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and state and federal privacy and antidiscrimination laws. Reports are kept confidential and are only viewed by individuals involved in the hiring process. If information obtained in a background check would lead the College to deny employment, a copy of the report will be provided to the applicant, and the applicant will have the opportunity to dispute the report’s accuracy. Background checks may include a criminal record check, although a criminal conviction does not automatically bar an applicant from employment. Additional checks such as a driving record or credit report may be made on applicants for particular job categories if appropriate and job related.

The College also reserves the right to conduct a background check for current employees to determine eligibility for promotion or reassignment in the same manner as described above.



Responsible administrator or office: Human Resources

Contact person in that office: Amy Ames

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 16, 2023

Approved by President: August 16, 2023

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