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Agriculture Operations

Agriculture Operations

There are careers that grow and then there are careers that GROW. Literally! Our Agriculture Operations program gives you the chance to play a massively important role in a massively important industry. (We all need to eat!) The curriculum will include emerging practices in animal, plant, soil science, crop management, and production strategies. Earn a hands-on education on our brand-new farm.

The program allows you — the next generation — to gain the skills to excel in the industry today and make sure it continues to feed communities across the country for generations to come. 

You can choose to pursue a career in one of these two programs:

  • Agribusiness
  • Agricultural Production

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70 K
FROM 2019
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We’re exceptionally proud to be known as The Employers’ Choice. Sometimes they even contact us before a job is posted. It’s a title State Tech has earned by continually producing graduates who are ready to step into their professions the moment they step off campus. Is it challenging? Yeah. But we’ve learned that hard work gets work.

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