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Temporary Location Change

Due to building construction, the State Tech Testing Center has been temporarily relocated to the Utility Technology Center in the back of campus.

The cashier will be located in the lower level of the Information Technology Center in the campus bookstore.

Contact Us:
Testing Center
One Technology Drive
Linn, MO 65051
Phone: 573-897-5101
Email: TestingCenter@statetechmo.edu

Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm

Information Technology Center – Room 114

Student Resources

Prospective Students

Admissions Testing

State Tech offers a unique opportunity for prospective students to take program admittance tests and be admitted into many of the college’s academic programs! Click here to register for your Admissions test today.

The scores and GPA listed below are for automatic admissions into most programs. Others will go through an admissions process.

(State Tech also accepts SAT scores)

Click here to view automatic admissions testing requirements

Step #1—Apply! Get your application completed ASAP. There is no charge to apply!

Step #2—Test.  Using a combination of your GPA, and/or your ACT, and or Accuplacer scores, a student may be admitted immediately into a program. Direct admit scores for each program can be found on the program webpage under Program Requirements.

Your test scores are also your placement scores for Reading, English and Math unless you have dual credit courses in those subjects that you are transferring over.

Be sure you look at where you want to be in certain classes.  For example: a 241 Accuplacer or 18 ACT score in math may get you directly admitted into a certain program, however, it places you in Introductory Algebra.  Students may take the Accuplacer in a subject to try and also test into a higher Gen Ed course.  For instance if they retake the math and get a 250-264 they will start in Intermediate Algebra and save a full semester of math or a 265+ places them in College Algebra so they would only have one math gen ed course to take.

Students are able to test completely out of a reading course with a 250 or higher.

Students are not able to test completely out of Math or English unless they have dual credits in those subjects they are transferring over.

Current Students

Miss a test or need to retake a test?

The Testing Center allows students the opportunity to schedule a time for testing in order to meet their schedule and academic needs. Click here to schedule your appointment.

If it is less than 24 hours from the date you want to take the exam, you will need to either call, email, or stop by the Testing Center to schedule or the date will not show up as a choice.

In some instances, we may already have exams ready in the Testing Center, so you can stop by anytime to take them without an appointment if we have availability.

While we will make every effort possible to get students in to test exactly when they need to, there are instances when the Testing Center is closed, so please do not wait until the last  minute to take care of your make-up exams.

Everyone who comes to the Testing Center to take any type of exam MUST have a photo ID (student ID, current driver’s license, or military ID) in order to take a test.

Food and drinks are NOT allowed in the Testing Center, especially on or around the computers.

All cell phones and smartwatches MUST be turned off or placed on silent and either put inside a backpack or placed in our storage area.

Always enter the Testing Center quietly and be respectful of students who are in the middle of testing.  Voices should be at a whisper when talking to Test Center staff and should be off during their exam.


Test Accommodations

Click here to complete the Test Accommodations form.

Test Score Release Form

Click here for the Test Score Release form.

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