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Utilities Technology

Utilities Technology

What does the internet, natural gas and water all have in common? They are all essential utilities!

Knowing how to get those utilities to where they are needed can ignite your career! With our Utilities Technology program, you can keep communities and cities thriving by making sure utilities systems are working exactly as they should. 

By learning underground and overhead construction skills, how to install and maintain utility systems — including fiber optic and copper communications, natural gas distribution — and more, the program provides a broad set of skills to prepare you for employment with a variety of utility contractors and public utilities. 

The program includes the potential for paid internships in the utilities industry, as well as training on how to operate equipment such as directional boring machines, hydrovac trucks, and mini-excavators. Plus, Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) instruction and testing are included, and you’ll be prepared to earn Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10-hour training, CPR, First Aid, and flagger certifications. 

Program Facts

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FROM 2019

Truly hands-on education

We believe time-on-task has to be part of your education. That means time spent learning from experienced instructors in real-world environments and real-world situations. That’s why the State Tech campus is home to more than 50 labs, an automotive bay, aviation hangar, and 40+ acres of land dedicated to our heavy equipment operations program.

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