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State Tech is a Testing Location. The Accuplacer is an untimed, computerized placement test. State Tech admissions accepts Accuplacer, ACT, and SAT scores for admissions, or any combination of those scores. Direct admit scores for each program can be found on the program webpage under Program Requirements. Scores also serve as placement scores for general education classes in math, reading, or English unless students have dual credit courses they are transferring in for those subjects.

Contact Us:
Testing Center
One Technology Drive
Linn, MO 65051
Phone: 573-897-5101
Email: TestingCenter@statetechmo.edu

Ways to take the Accuplacer

On-Campus at State Tech

Prospective students can register here. Follow the steps below:

  • Choose “Admissions Test (Prospective Student)” on question 1
  • Choose “ACCUPLACER On-Campus” on question 2
  • Finish completing the registration info
  • Hit Add to Cart
  • Click Submit

Virtual Testing 

MUST click here to read and review virtual test information and guidelines before scheduling a virtual exam.

Prospective students can register here to take their virtual test. Follow the steps below:

  • Choose “Admissions Test (Prospective Student)” on question 1
  • Choose “Accuplacer Virtual Exam via Examity” on question 2
  • Finish completing the registration info
  • Hit Add to Cart (you will need to pay the $35 remote testing fee)

NOTE: If students register for this exam after 4:30pm, test vouchers will not be emailed to them until the following day. Vouchers will also not be emailed on weekends or holidays when school is not in session.

Accuplacer virtual tests will now be proctored by Examity.  If you have taken a virtual exam before through Proctortrack, please be sure you set up your Examity account.  You will receive emails just like you did in the past with your voucher information.  All previous vouchers that have not been used before March 31st, 2023 will expire on that date.

Remote Site Locations

If a student is unable to come to the State Tech, or test virtually, there are several remote site locations that may be closer for them to test.  Click here to find a remote site test location.

REMINDER: Students will need to contact us directly so we can create the test voucher for the site where they wish to test. A voucher number and the site information will be emailed to them. They will need to take the voucher number from the email and give it to the test site the day of their test. Test results are immediately sent to us (If they do not give the site their voucher number, we will not receive results unless they request that they be sent to us).

Accuplacer Test Prep

There are several ways to prep for the Accuplacer test.

Click here for links to information, free practices tests, and more resources.

Our Academic Resource Center (ARC), also offers free test prep sessions on select dates.

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