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Parking & Driving on Campus

Employee’s parking is green striped parking spots on the main campus with parking passes.  Student parking is restricted to all white striped parking spots on the main campus and does not require a parking pass. Students living in student housing will receive a parking permit allowing students to park in student housing lots only. Students living in student housing cannot park in any lots other than those in student housing. Any vehicle parked in unauthorized areas will be subject to a minimum $25.00 fine. Double fines may be assessed for failure to heed warnings. Repeat offenders may be subject to the towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense.


Special arrangements for handicapped and temporary parking can be made with the Receptionist in the Information Technology Center.


Visitors may park in any yellow striped lot and require a parking pass. Visitor parking passes are available from the Receptionist in the Information Technology Center. Visitor lots can be found south of the Information Technology Center and north of the Vehicle and Power Center.


Missouri State Laws

All persons operating motor vehicles, bicycles, skateboards or skates on or within the State Tech campus area shall observe and obey all applicable Missouri laws and the rules and regulations of State Tech.


Speed Limits

No person shall drive a motor vehicle on the property of the State Tech campus at a speed greater than the posted speed limit. A maximum of 15 mph shall be the legal speed limit on State Tec property unless otherwise posted.


Traffic Control Signs and Devices

All persons including pedestrians, drivers of motor vehicles, bicycle riders, skaters and skateboarders shall obey all traffic control signs, markers, and/or other traffic control signals and devices on the State Tech campus.


Report of Accident

All persons are required by Missouri law to make reports of accidents involving motor vehicles. Accidents that occur on the State campus shall be reported through the Ready to Report page using the “Accident Form.”




Responsible administrator or office: Facilities

Contact person in that office: Director of Facilities

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 16, 2023

Approved by President: August 16, 2023

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