I AM A...

State Tech Champion

What is a State Tech Champion?

Someone who…

  • lives our mission of “Profitable Employment and a Life of Learning.”
  • is dedicated to our students and the well-being of the college.
  • goes the extra mile for our students, staff, and alumni.
  • always has the best interests of the college in mind.
  • goes above and beyond to make State Tech a better place.

Why nominate a State Tech Champion?

We want to recognize the over achievers who truly make State Tech The Employers’ Choice.
Please make your nominations below!


If you know of an employee who should be nominated as a State Tech Champion, complete this form to submit your nomination.


1. Anyone can nominate a State Tech Employee

2. Must describe in a few short sentences what makes the nominee a State Tech Champion

3. A committee will look over all the submissions and select a winner. (The committee will include both faculty and staff.)

4. We will then attempt to surprise the winner with the news, and the person who nominated has the option to be anonymous or come to the surprise with the film team.

5. We will invite the leadership team and their direct supervisor to the surprise announcement.

I am a... a...