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Emergency Operations Policy

It is the policy of State Tech to have in effect an emergency operation plan which is designed to maximize human survival, preserve property, minimize danger, and restore normal operations of the College in the event of a campus crisis.



Responsible administrator or office: President’s Office

Contact person in that office: Chief of Staff

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 16, 2023

Presidential approval: August 16, 2023

Emergency Operations Procedures

– Rave Panic Button

State Tech has a smart phone app called Rave Panic Button for safety and security of our campus. If you have an iPhone or Android device, we encourage you to download the Rave Panic Button smart phone app (iPhone or Android). The Rave Panic Button app allows you to call 9-1-1 and identify the nature of your emergency with the touch of a button, and to receive critical emergency notifications about incidents happening on campus that you need to be aware of when one of your colleagues activates the app. The following video provides an overview of how Rave Panic Button works, instructions for downloading and activating the app and answers to commonly asked questions: http://www.ravepanicbutton.com/#homevideo. After downloading the app and you are having problems with your phone being recognized or if your cell phone number has recently changed, please contact amy.ames@statetechmo.edu with your information.

– Emergency and Safety Procedures

In the event you have to evacuate your building, please see attached building evacuation map.

– Command Center and Building Coordinators

Please see attached list of command center members (members of State Tech who are responsible for all communication to law enforcement and media when an incident occurs) and building coordinators (individuals assigned to each building who help with evacuation, lockdown, and site communication with command center members). If you are interested in becoming a building coordinator, please email me at amy.ames@statetechmo.edu.

– Rave Alert

Is an alert via email and text on weather or campus closing. You are automatically signed up for this as an employee of the college.

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