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Employee Development

Personal Development Plan (PDP) (Reevaluated/Developed Each March for Coming Year)

Personal Develop Plan is made up of 2-3 personal goals for the upcoming year. Personal Goals are memorable descriptions of what you want to achieve. At least one “stretch” goal should also be included in your personal goals. Every employee’s personal development plan should be documented within Paycor. Each employee should submit their new or revise their goals by March 31st for the coming year.

Professional Development Requirement

All fulltime employees are required to have a minimum of 36 hours each year (January – December) of professional development in the following categories. Most of the professional development will occur in the 2 professional development days within the academic calendar; however, there will be time outside of these 2 days that will also be required.

Details on the categories of professional development are as follows:

  • Organizational Development – 4 hours per year (incorporated in Fall or Spring PD day)
    • Focused on developing higher education employees. This is professional development is selected by the college each year.
  • Industry Development/College Service – 16 hours a year (employee is to incorporated this time into their annual schedule)
    • Industry Development – Focused on developing field specific knowledge. This is professional development that is pertaining to your particular position. This is selected by the employee and is approved by the supervisor.
    • College Service – Focused on giving back to the college outside of your normal position. If you are on Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, or Curriculum Committee your time in this category will be met. These are the only committees that will count as meeting this requirement.
  • Human Development – 4 hours a year (incorporated in Fall or Spring PD day)
    • Focused on ensuring compliance within all areas of human development. This is required professional development as a state employee.
  • Institutional Operations Development – 4 hours a year (incorporated into the year when needed)
    • Focused on developing smooth day-to-day operations. This is required professional development on institutional changes or integrations.
  • Service – 4 hours a year (incorporated in Fall or Spring PD day)
    • Focused on giving back to those in need. This is professional development on giving back and learning from our experience about accountability to our community.
  • Team Development – 4 hours a year (incorporated in Fall or Spring PD day)
    • Focused on developing a team atmosphere within our organization.

Professional Development Fund Request

Professional Development Funds are intended to support individual faculty and staff professional development activities and should be aligned with personal development plans, department plan, and college strategic plan. The professional development funds are held by HR and will be transferred to the appropriate budget line after the expense has been incurred.


Employee may complete a Professional Development Fund Request Form in September and/or December after discussion with supervisor during quarterly check-in session. Half of the available funds will be awarded during the fall semester (September requests) and the other half during the spring semester (December requests). Any remaining funds can be awarded and utilized during the summer semester.

  • An employee may request a maximize of $1000 in a single fiscal year (July 1-June30) for professional development. o Employees may supplement professional development funds with program/department budget when the expense is allowed (you cannot use program budgets for college courses).
  • Awards will not be carried over from one fiscal year to the next.
  • Requests will not be accepted after the expense has been incurred.
  • If requests exceed funds available, those that most closely align with college priorities will be funded first.
  • In cases where the professional development activity is extremely impactful exceptions may be granted.
Professional Development Fund – Expense Reimbursement Request

Allowable Reimbursements 

  • Conference/Research Expenses – including membership, registration, flights, lodging, meals, gas mileage, etc.
  • Editorial services/fees for article, journal or book submissions
  • Continuing education course(s), seminar(s), or certification(s)
  • Workshop fees
  • College Courses related to pursuit of degree or position

Ineligible Expenditures 

  • Student salaries
  • Personal book or journal subscriptions
  • Hardware or computer software

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