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Employee Guide for Reporting Sexual Misconduct at State Tech

This is intended as a resource for State Tech employees when a student discloses sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or stalking.

Reports can be made anytime through State Tech’s online reporting form available here.

Why You should Report

Reporting ensures that students have access to all of the available support services. This also helps us identify and address any trends or systemic problems, and contributes to the safety of our students and campus community.

Benefits of Reporting

  • Expansive options for supportive measures, which include campus modifications within housing, employment, courses, organizations, and are tailored to the needs of each student. These measures are designed in partnership with the student that allow the continued participation within all State Tech’s community.
    • These supportive measures are available to the student and are separate
      from any other request for action.
  • Protection from retaliation or adverse action for the purpose of interfering with rights or privileges under the law and GVSU policy.
    • The option to request any other action through the University now, in the future, or not at all. If and when the student chooses to request any other action, the University will take the report seriously and take quick action to stop the behavior, protect the student experiencing the behavior.


  • Maintaining Trust: If the student trusts you enough to confide in you, that student is trusting that you respond in a helpful way to the situation by pointing out the social support available.
    • One of the helpful ways to link a student to social support is to report or encourage the student to report to our office.
      • We provide immediate assistance through supportive measures that allow the continued participation within all aspects of State Tech’s community, as well as referrals to other necessary resources on campus and within the community.
        •  These supportive measures are available to the student and are separate from any other request for action.

The Student’s Control/Agency

The student may express, or you may have concerns, around a loss of the student’s agency once a report is submitted to our office.

  • A report to our office initiates contact with the student and a discussion about supportive measures and resources, it does not initiate any other action.
    • We work in consultation with the student, respect the expressed wishes, and assure privacy as much as possible regarding any action taken.


You and/or the student may not be familiar with our office or its function. The mission of our office is to promote civil rights and equal opportunity in the GVSU community by preventing, responding to, and remedying all forms of discrimination, sex and gender harassment, and sexual misconduct, while maintaining the highest professional standards.

  • Everyone engaged in this work is highly trained and experienced, and is committed to the values of our office:
    • We act with integrity by being equitable, impartial, prompt, thorough, and transparent in all interactions.
    • We respect how overlapping social identities contribute to and shape the experiences of discrimination, sex and gender harassment, and sexual misconduct.
    • We value critical thinking, not just by engaging in research-informed practice and seeking and sharing knowledge, but by engaging empathically with others, exercising our imaginations, discerning patterns of meaning in experiences, and examining all situations from different perspectives.
    • We act with courage by accepting challenges, identifying opportunities to make a difference, questioning the status quo, and building resilience.

Reach Out

When the student is ready to talk, we are ready to listen. If you have questions or need consultation, we are here.

Reach Out
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