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What should I do if my family’s financial circumstances change after I apply for financial aid?

If a family’s financial circumstances have changed due to death of a parent, divorce, separation, or loss of employment, they should contact the Financial Aid Office. Special circumstances may include:

  • A 30% reduction in income due to changes in employment from last year to this year
  • Excessive medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Change in marital status due to divorce or separation
  • Death of a primary wage earner

You may be asked to provide:

  • Base year income information, layoff or termination notices, projected income information for the current year, Verification Worksheet and other income information in support of your request
  • Copies of medical bills and evidence that payment arrangements have been made
  • Copies of divorce decrees, W-2’s or other income information as required
  • Death certificate of primary wage earner and W-2s or other income information as required
  • The Special Circumstances Form

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