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Satisfactory Academic Progress

According to federal regulations, students must make satisfactory academic progress to remain eligible for financial aid.  To remain eligible for financial aid, students must maintain an overall cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.000 or above on a 4.000 scale.  Students must also satisfactorily earn a minimum number of credits applicable toward their degree each semester.  Students are expected to complete at least 67% of all coursework attempted (including degree and remedial coursework). For example, a student who attempts 12 credit hours must complete at least 8 credit hours during that semester (12 credit hours attempted X .67 = 8 credit hours required to complete).  For students who change majors completed coursework that does not count toward the new major will not be included in the satisfactory academic progress review.

Grades of withdrew (WD), audit (AU), and incomplete (I) are considered unsatisfactory.  Non-credit remedial courses are graded on a Pass/Fail basis and passing meets Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.  The College’s policy is to allow up to six weeks after the last day of classes for a student to complete their coursework.  At that time, their Incomplete grade will be changed to a final letter grade.  The Financial Aid Office will re-evaluate the student’s progress after the grade change has been processed.

Withdrawal and incomplete grades do count as hours attempted for financial aid purposes.  Repeat classes are considered as hours attempted and completed for financial aid.  Only the highest grade is counted for repeated coursework when determining the student’s cumulative GPA.  Credit hours from another institution that are accepted as transfer credit towards the student’s educational program count as both attempted and completed hours.

Academic progress of financial aid recipients will be reviewed at the end of each semester in credit hour programs.  Clock hour program aid recipients will be reviewed after completion of 450 clock hours.  Students who maintain satisfactory academic progress remain eligible for financial aid.  Students who do not meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements will be mailed a notice to their address on file with the State Technical College of Missouri Academic Records Office.

Students who fail to meet one or more of the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements will be placed on financial aid warning for one semester.  Students may continue to receive financial assistance during this semester.  Students failing to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements at the end of their warning semester will be suspended from financial aid and consequently will not be eligible for financial assistance for subsequent semesters.  Students who lose their financial aid eligibility may regain eligibility after they meet the required cumulative GPA and complete the required 67% of all coursework attempted within their degree program at their own expense.

Students believing they have mitigating circumstances that prevented them from maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress may request an exception by explaining their circumstances in writing with supporting documentation to the Office of Financial Aid.  These circumstances may include injury or illness, the death of a relative, or other special circumstances.  Denied requests may be appealed by completing the Student Grievance Form found on the State Tech Ready to Report webpage.

If an appeal is granted, students will return on financial aid probation.  Students will be required to complete a Student Success plan with their counselor and are strongly encouraged to follow the academic plan established with their academic advisor.  The probation status may end after one semester if the student meets the terms of their appeal, successfully completes the required 67% of all coursework attempted within their degree program, and earns the required cumulative GPA.  If the student is unable to obtain a cumulative 2.000 GPA at the end of their first semester of probation but successfully completes 67% of all coursework attempted within their degree program and earns a 2.000 semester GPA, the student may remain on a probation status and continue to receive financial assistance until a 2.000 cumulative GPA is obtained.

Students who attend State Technical College of Missouri without financial assistance, and then apply for assistance, will have to meet the satisfactory progress standards as if they had received assistance from the beginning of their attendance at State Technical College of Missouri.

Students who maintain the standard for academic progress are allowed to receive aid until the maximum credit hour or clock hour limit is reached or the requirements for a current declared major are reached.  Students cannot receive financial aid if they have attempted more than 150% of the credit hours or clock hours required for their degree or certificate.  A student is ineligible when it becomes mathematically impossible for the student to complete their program within 150% of the length of the program.  For example in a credit hour program, in successfully completing a 72 credit hour curriculum, the maximum credit hours for student aid utilization is 108 credit hours.  For clock hour programs, students must complete their program within 150% of the time it normally takes to complete their certificate program, as measured in weeks.  For example, if a student is enrolled in a 1,300 clock hour program scheduled to last 40 weeks, the maximum time frame for a student to complete the program is 60 weeks (40 X 150%). The student must complete 22 hours per week in order to complete 1,300 hours in 60 weeks.

Some financial aid programs may have specific requirements that recipients must maintain for eligibility in addition to the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards established by State Tech.

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