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General Education Requirements

Philosophy of General Education The College aims to prepare students to perform effectively in highly specialized and advanced technical occupations and respond to the inevitable technical and societal changes that will occur throughout their careers. To respond to change, students will need to engage in a lifelong process of inquiry, decision-making, and acquisition of new knowledge. General education, which has as its fundamental purpose the development and integration of every student’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences, is one of the best means for achieving the ability to engage effectively in critical thinking and problem solving needed in the workplace and beyond.

The Associate Degree General Education Core Students seeking an Associate Degree are required to take a general education core including a minimum of 16 semester credit hours selected from the courses listed below. See each program’s General Education Requirements for specific courses.

Associate Degree General Education Core Requirements

Knowledge Area Course # Course Title Credits
Social & Behavioral Sciences 3 credits PSC 101 American Government 3
HST 105 American History to 1877 3
HST 110 American History from 1877 to Present 3
Written Communications

3 credits

ENG 101 English Composition 3
ENG 110 Honors Composition 3
Oral Communications

3 credits

COM 111 Oral Communication 3
COM 121 Public Speaking 3
Natural Sciences 4 credits PHY 100 Introduction to Physics w/lab 4
PHY 101/102 College Physics w/lab 4
PHY 103/104 Environmental Science w/lab 4
PHY 201 General Physics w/lab 5
BIO 120 Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab I 4
CHE 125 General Chemistry with Lab I 5
Mathematical Sciences 3 credits MAT 115 College Algebra 3
MAT 118 Survey of College Mathematics 3
MAT 119 Elementary Statistics 3
MAT 120 Pre-Calculus 5
MAT 122 Elements of Calculus 3
MAT 123 Calculus I 5

The Certificate General Education Core  Students seeking a certificate will follow the specific general education core requirements below for the certificate being sought. See each program’s General Education Requirements for specific courses.


Certificate Basic General Education Core Requirements

Certificate Credits
Two-Year At least 8
One-Year At least 6
Less than One-Year 0-6



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