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Higher Learning Commission Reaffirmation

HLC Reaffirmation 2025


Accreditation is an integral part of State Tech’s vitality. Our institution earned initial HLC accreditation in 2000 and now participates in the Open Pathway cycle, which culminates with a comprehensive evaluation and visit. The goal of the cycle is to achieve reaffirmation every 10 years. If you would like to learn more, visit this link: https://www.hlcommission.org/



Planning FA22-SP23

Evidence Identification and Collection SU23

Rough Draft FA23

Revision SP24

Final Draft SU24

Final Review FA24

Visit Preparation FA24

Submission and Visit SP25

Steering Committee

Angie Gaines –Chair

Ken Thompson –Assistant Chair

Randy Rice –Faculty Representative

Dr. Shawn Strong –Criterion 1-Mission Committee Chair

Amy Ames–Criterion 2-Integrity Committee Chair

Jeremy Goss–Criterion 3-Quality, Resources & Support Committee Chair

Shawn Berhorst–Criterion 4-Evaluation & Improvement Committee Chair

Jenny Jacobs–Criterion 5-Institutional Effectiveness, Resources, & Planning Committee Chair



Aaron Kliethermes –Evidence Manager

Faith Joyce –Archivist

Academic Affairs Admins –Hospitality Sub-Committee

5 Criteria Committees

Criterion 1-Mission

Dr. Shawn Strong (chair)
Dr. Chris Bowser
Mitchell Branson
Shannon Grus
Katy Minnix


Criterion 2-Integrity

Amy Ames (chair)
Donna Frazier
Keith Kirkpatrick
Brandon McElwain
Chris Muenks


Criterion 3-Quality, Resources & Support

Jeremy Goss (chair)
Jessica Haefke
Melissa Hart
Gerald Smith
Ken Thompson
Zak Wardell


Criterion 4-Evaluation & Improvement

Shawn Berhorst (chair)
Joe Barnhill
Matt Bellinger
Courtney Brandt
Becca Mehmert
Ken Thompson


Criterion 5-Institutional Effectiveness, Resources, & Planning

Jenny Jacobs (chair)
Ben Berhorst
Tony Brenneke
Kristy Goss
Ken Niekamp


State Tech Employees
  • Actively participate in accreditation learning opportunities
  • Provide support as needed in the HLC Reaffirmation process
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