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Hiring, Recruitment and Selection Policy

State Technical College of Missouri is committed to employing the best qualified candidates while engaging in recruitment and selection practices that comply with all applicable employment laws. Our nondiscrimination policy ensures that we provide equal employment opportunity to all applicants and employees. State Tech fills vacancies through recruiting potential employees using internet websites, social media platforms, newspaper advertising, employee references, internal applications/employee transfers, and other platforms as requested by hiring managers. Minimum position qualifications are determined during the during the Job Description process and wages are determined in accordance with the State Tech Compensation Policy.

Authorization from the State Tech Chief of Staff is required to initiate any action for an open position, including employee recruitment expenditures, employment advertising, interviewing and offers of employment.


External Recruitment Process

  • The hiring manager submits a requisition in Paycor and attaches a job description.
  • The hiring manager contacts HR for appropriate salary range. Salary range is determined through discussions with Vice Presidents and President of the college.
  • The Human Resources department posts the position in one or more of the following platforms:
    • State Technical College of Missouri website.
    • Social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glass Door).
    • Local newspaper advertising.
    • Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce.
    • Additional platforms are supported at the request of the hiring manager.
  • The hiring manager selects an Interview Committee
    • Committee must have someone outside of the hiring department or program.
    • Notify HR and VP or Dean of committee members for approval.
  • The hiring manager reviews applications and selects applicants for interview.
  • The HR department schedules interview with applicants.
  • Interview committee conducts interviews.
  • Instructions are available on the Hiring Process Checklist.


External Selection Process

  • Hiring manager meets with interview committee to discuss candidates.  The committee and the hiring manager make a hiring recommendation.
  • Follow up interviews are authorized for close candidates.
  • Upon the selection of the final candidate, reference checks are conducted.
  • The Hiring manager submits a request to hire the selected candidate in Paycor and includes the approved salary information.
  • Once approved, the Human Resources department contacts the selected candidate and makes a job offer.
  • Upon receipt of an offer letter signed by the candidate and the successful completion of background checks, the HR department will close out the requisition on the tracking report.
  • Instructions are available on the Hiring Process Checklist.


Internal Selection and Placement Process: See Employee Transfer Policy and Procedure.



Responsible Office: President’s Office

Contact person in that office: Executive Assistant to the President

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 16, 2023

Approved by President: August 16, 2023

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