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Housing Application Process

On-Campus housing is limited and fills quickly. We encourage students who are seeking on-campus housing to apply early. The earlier students apply, the more likely they are to receive a room. Applying for a room at State Tech requires students complete the housing application in myTech and submit a $350 housing deposit before their application will be considered. Agreements without a deposit are not considered complete or valid.

Please review the housing rules and regulations here. Students interested in State Tech housing must apply to the college before applying for on-campus housing.

Please visit myTech to fill out the State Tech Housing application!

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into myTech
    • Desktop/Laptop: select Student tab
    • Phone: select “hamburger” icon in top left corner, select Student, select left arrow at bottom left screen corner
  2. Select “myHousing Information”
  3. Complete application for requested year.
  4. Submit deposit.
  5. You can review your submitted application with the “View Reports” link.


After your completed forms and deposit have been received and processed, watch for your room assignment to be sent to you. The Housing team will be sent out room assignment and waitlist notifications near the end of February/beginning of March.

If you have any questions, contact the housing department at housing@statetechmo.edu. You may also call the Residence Life- Student Services Coordinator for more information: 573-897-5165 | 1-800-743-8324 ext. 5165

Contact Us:
Housing Department
State Technical College of Missouri
One Technology Drive
Linn, MO 65051
Phone: 1.800.743.8324, ext. 5165
Email: housing@statetechmo.edu

Housing Application


Do I Have a Room Assignment/Am I Guaranteed a Room Assignment if I Apply Today?

The Housing team will begin to make room assignments in February. Current residents planning to return for the following Fall semester will receive room assignments first. We will then start assigning rooms from the applicant list in order of deposit received. Students will hear from housing between mid-February and March with either a room assignment or waitlist update.

You may be initially placed on the waitlist. We see a lot of movement in our room assignments throughout the spring and summer leading up to the fall semester. The housing team will keep awarding assignments when spots become available throughout the spring and summer, even through August!

How Do I Apply for On-Campus Housing?

Applicants must submit a housing application and a $350 security deposit in myTech to reserve a spot on the housing waitlist.

How Soon Should I Apply for On-Campus Housing?

Students applying to the college should anticipate about a 1-2 week wait period for the college to process a student ID number and account. Once you receive information containing your student ID and email you can log into myTech and complete the housing application! We encourage interested students to fill out the on-campus housing application as soon as you receive this information!

How Do I Log Into myTech?

Students are able to log into myTech with the same username and password as their email! Please see example below:

Email: joe.student@iam.statetechmo.edu, Password: Statetech67

myTech Login

username: joe.student

password: Statetech67

How Do I Request a Roommate?

Students will be able to request specific roommates within the myTech housing application. Students will also be able to list themselves as “available for roommate selection” as well. This allows your name to be displayed on a roommate selection page. A random roommate will be assigned by the housing team in the spring semester for students with no roommate preference.

Is My Application Complete?

A completed application consists of the following:

-Online housing application

-$350 housing deposit

-Meningococcal Compliance Form

-Meningococcal Vaccination Record

Where Do I Send My Meningococcal Vaccination Records?

Vaccination records need to be either uploaded to the myTech application or can be emailed to housing@statetechmo.edu

The Meningococcal Vaccination Policy Compliance Form can be found here or on myTech!

When and How Are Assignments Made?

We begin making housing assignments during February for the upcoming summer and fall semester.

You will be notified via email sent to your State Tech and personal email account. Assignment notices will be sent out as assignments updates are made.

How Are Roommates Selected?

Housing assignments are made based on application and deposit complete date, building preferences, roommate preferences, and the roommate matching questions.

We will make every attempt to assign students with their preferred roommate as space permits.  However, roommate matches cannot be guaranteed. Students must list each other as preferred roommates for the request to be accepted.

Can I Change My Meal Plan Before the Academic Year Begins?

State Tech students are required to purchase the 14-meal block plan. More information about meal plans can be found on our Dining Services page.

Please reach out to foodservice@statetechmo.edu with any dietary or allergy accommodation requests and questions.

Can I Get My Deposit Back if I Don’t Get a Room?

Yes. If you receive a notification this spring that you are on the waitlist, please email housing@statetechmo.edu to inquire about your placement on the list. We see a lot of movement in our room assignments and waitlist throughout the spring and summer before the fall semester. We encourage the waitlist, especially those

Can I Get My Deposit Back if I Do Get a Room Assignment and Decide to Live or Attend Elsewhere?

A written or emailed request of cancellation by the student received and approved by the Residence Life- Student Services Coordinator of College postmarked on or before May 1 for Fall Semester (agreements beginning with Fall Semester) will result in a refund of the deposit. A request received after this date will result in forfeiture of the deposit. We highly encourage students to begin checking their email regularly so they do not miss any important information!

How Do I Get a Refund for My Deposit?

Please make a request to housing@statetechmo.edu. The Residence Life-Student Services Coordinator must provide written documentation to the Cashier’s Office for a deposit request.

  • Room Assignment Received: Cancelation received after the drop date will result in forfeit of the deposit. (Date disclosed in housing assignment).
  • Waitlisted Students: Can request a housing deposit refund at any time.

How Do I Pay for Housing?

Students can use financial aid, a payment plan, or pay out of pocket for on-campus housing. On-campus housing is charged semester-by-semester, and is added to the student account with the semester tuition and fee charges. These fees can be accessed and reviewed in myTech closer to the start of the Fall semester.

Students who fill out the FAFSA will receive a financial aid offer within the financial aid portal. All students who receive a financial aid offer will have a loan offer included as well:

  • First year students: $5500
  • Second year students: $6500
  • First year INDEPENDENT students: $9500
  • Second year INDEPENDENT students: $10500

Pell and A+ will ONLY cover tuition and standard fees. Any loan funding or outside scholarships will be applied to the program fees first, and then remaining charges (ex. housing, meal plan) after.

Essentially, financial aid can cover housing/meal plan fees AFTER tuition/standard fees/program fees are covered.

A good estimate would be $400-$1000 in program fees each semester. We encourage students to review the financial aid award as soon as it’s available. This will be sent to the State Tech student email.

***The only time that students are not offered a loan is if they are non-degree seeking, in 6 cr. hours or less, OR they’ve reached their aggregate loan limit (not very common).

What Are My Student Housing Options?

State Technical College of Missouri offers campus housing for up to 150 students. Our 9 cottages each contain 8 dorm rooms that can be occupied as single, double, or triple occupancy. Room assignments are awarded based on date of deposit paid. Single room assignments are only awarded when inventory is available. Because of the popular demand for on campus housing we have not been able to award single room assignments in recent years. All students who choose to reside in on-campus housing are required to purchase a 14 meal per week meal plan.

Please visit our off-campus housing resources page for more information about off-campus options as well!

Can I Get a Meal Plan if I Don’t Live in the Dorms?

Yes! All students can buy meal plans.

14 Meals per Week: $1,300 per semester

80 Meals per Semester: $530 per semester

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