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Parking & individual Transportation


All persons operating a bicycle or moped under 50cc on the State Tech campus, and/or skating by use of skateboard, in-line skates, roller skates, roller blades or other skating devices on State Technical College of Missouri (State Tech) property shall observe and obey all signs and control signals applicable to motor vehicles, all Missouri laws, and these policies.


Pit Bikes

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, “pit bikes” with an engine over 50cc would be classified as a motorcycle. If operated on a highway, all traffic laws apply including: license plates, insurance, valid driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement, safety helmet (if under 26 years old), lighting, and general rules of the road (stop signs, signaling when turning, speed limit, etc.).

Since pit bikes do not have a title, they are not able to obtain a license. This makes them illegal to ride on roads in the state of Missouri.

On campus, due to safety concerns and complications and gaps in insurance coverage for the liability created by pit bikes, pit bikes are not allowed as a mode of transportation on campus.


Skating Devices

Any person skating by board, in-line skates, roller skates, roller blades, or other skating device shall adhere to the following rules and regulations.

  1. Skating is not permitted in any of the College parking lots.
  2. Skating is not permitted in any College building.
  3. All skaters must yield the right-of-way to pedestrian and vehicular traffic at all times.
  4. Skating stunts of any kind are not permitted. Skating is not permitted on any steps, retaining walls, landscape walls, benches, handrails, etc. due to damage that may be caused to College property and concern for personal safety.

Any person who violates any provision of the Bicycle, Mopeds (under 50cc), Scooters, Skating and Skateboarding Regulations may have the bicycle or skate equipment impounded for a period not to exceed five days.


Bicycles, Mopeds or Scooters

Bicyclists follow the same laws as motorists in Missouri. More info

Please do not block accessible ramps or entrances or chain your bicycle to a tree, lamppost, or other university maintained property. Park your bicycle or scooter at a bicycle rack.

  1. Bicycles and scooters shall park in, or immediately adjacent to, the bicycle racks provided.
    1. They shall not be parked on lawns, sidewalks, ramps or entrances accessible to persons with disabilities or shall they be chained to trees, light poles, fences, benches, railings etc.
    2. Bicycles, mopeds and scooters parked improperly may be ticketed and/or impounded by cutting and removing locking devices if necessary.
  2. Bicycles, mopeds and scooters shall not be taken inside any College building.
  3. Motorized vehicles shall not be taken inside any College building, including residence halls, at any time.



Responsible administrator or office: Human Resources

Contact person in that office: Chief of Staff

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 16, 2023

Approved by President: August 16, 2023

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