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Missouri Debt Offset Program

Beginning October 2022, State Technical College of Missouri opted to participate in the Missouri Department of Revenue Debt Offset Program. Any balances considered uncollectible or turned over to an outside collection agency are eligible to be referred to the Missouri Department of Revenue in an attempt to intercept any Missouri income tax return funds that could be applied to the unpaid balance. State Tech will seize any funds available, regardless of repayment status or pending agreement with an outside collection agency. If your state income tax refund is intercepted, you will receive a debt offset notice letter in the mail and as described in the communication, an appeal can be filed.  Appeal requests for hearing on offset actions must be in writing within 30 days of receipt of the letter, must include either your social security number or State Tech ID#, and must state any defense which you may claim to the offset.   Failure to apply for such a hearing, in writing, within the thirty day period will be deemed a waiver of the opportunity to contest the offset and will constitute liquidation of the debt which means that your balance due will be reduced by the amount of the offset. Appeals must be sent to:

State Technical College of Missouri
Attn: Jenny Jacobs
One Technology Drive
Linn, MO 65051

All requests will receive a response via U.S. Mail. Unless otherwise stated, any granted or partially granted appeal with a refund issued should not be considered a waiver or discharge of the debt.

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