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Public Information Requests

State Technical College of Missouri (State Tech) is committed to transparency and accountability in accordance with applicable state laws, including sunshine laws and open records statutes. This policy establishes guidelines and procedures for handling public information requests to ensure compliance with these laws, promote transparency, and facilitate public access to relevant information within the scope of the College’s authority.


This policy applies to all employees, departments, and units within State Tech who may receive or be involved in processing public information requests.


Sunshine Law/Open Records Law: Refers to the legislation that provides the public with the right to access and review governmental records and proceedings.

Public Information: Refers to any records, documents, data, or information created or obtained by State Tech in the course of its official business that is not expressly exempted from public disclosure by law.

Public Information Request: Refers to a written request for access to public information submitted by any member of the public, including but not limited to individuals, media organizations, and government agencies.

Policy Guidelines:

Public Information Availability:

  • State Tech recognizes the importance of public access to information and will make available all non-exempt public information in accordance with applicable laws.
  • Public information may include but is not limited to, policies, procedures, reports, meeting minutes, financial records, contracts, and other documents created or maintained by State Tech in the course of its operations.

Request Submission:

Any member of the public may submit a written public information request to State Tech through the designated contact person or office responsible for handling such requests.

The request must clearly identify the information sought and provide the requester’s contact information.

Requests should be as specific as possible to assist in locating the requested information within a reasonable time frame.

Custodian of Records:

The Custodian of Records is responsible for receiving and coordinating public information requests.

The Custodian of Records will serve as the primary point of contact for requesters and facilitate the processing of requests in compliance with applicable laws.

Request Processing:

Upon receipt of a public information request, the Custodian of Records will acknowledge the receipt of the request within a reasonable time.

State Tech will make reasonable efforts to respond to public information requests promptly and within the time frame specified by applicable laws.

If the requested information is extensive or requires substantial resources to compile, State Tech may provide a reasonable estimate of the time and cost involved to the requester, as permitted by law.

Confidential and Exempt Information:

State Tech acknowledges that certain information may be exempt from public disclosure as outlined by applicable laws, including but not limited to privacy rights, security concerns, and legal privileges.

If a requested record or information is determined to be exempt from disclosure, State Tech will provide a written explanation citing the specific legal basis for the exemption.


State Tech may charge fees for the duplication, research, and retrieval of requested public information in accordance with applicable laws.

The fee structure will be reasonable, transparent, and made available to the public.

Records Retention:

State Tech will maintain records and information in accordance with its established records retention policies and applicable laws.

Public records will be retained for the required period and disposed of according to approved schedules and procedures.



Responsible Office: President’s Office

Contact person in that office: Executive Assistant to the President

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 16, 2023

Presidential approval: August 16, 2023

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