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State Tech Vs. Straight to Workforce

Did you know, State Tech has a 99-percent job placement rate, and a 75% graduation rate that ranks first in the state?

Benefits of attending State Tech vs. going straight to the workforce:

  • Real-world and hands-on experience
  • Higher salary potential
  • Career Advancement
Real-World Experience & Hands-On Experience

State Technical College of Missouri offers hands-on education. This allows students the opportunity to gain real-world experience to help them become The Employers’ Choice. This hands-on training helps students understand their program before they enter the workforce. Students can gain an advantage when applying for jobs and working because of their excellent hands-on education the received at State Tech prior to entering the workforce.

Higher Salary Potential

Students who attend State Tech have a higher potential to earn a higher starting salary than someone who went straight to the workforce. This salary gap is due to the hands-on education and job-readiness the State Tech student has received vs. the other person who did not attend State Tech prior to joining the workforce.

Career Advancement

State Technical College of Missouri has a 99% job placement rate. State Tech partners with several companies and businesses to give its students the opportunity to be placed with an employer that best suites each graduate once they have earned their degree. Each year State Tech hosts their annual Career Expo that allows students and alumni to visit with hundreds of potential employers. This gives the students the opportunity to be successful once they have graduated from State Tech and it prepares them for profitable employment and a life of learning.

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