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Understanding Your Financial Aid Award Offer

Not quite sure about what your Financial Aid award offer means? Below is an interpretation that walks you through each section of understanding your Financial Aid Award Offer!

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Section Breakdown

Section 1

This section of the Financial Aid Offer covers the estimated cost of attendance for an academic year. This estimate is based on AVERAGE cost information and is meant to give a general idea of the expenses students can expect to incur while attending State Tech.

The costs are split into two different groups, Direct and Indirect Costs. The Direct Costs are expenses that will be charged directly through the student’s State Tech account. The Indirect Costs may or may not by paid directly to the school.

Please keep in mind these are estimates and official charges will be posted on the student’s myTech account before the start of each semester.

Section 2

The next section shows the total amount of financial aid offered per semester and for the year. These amounts are calculated by adding together all of the different types of aid listed below. The amounts listed in this section could also include student loan funds. Review the types of aid listed below to see if loans are included in the totals listed here.

You can subtract the Total Financial Aid Offered from the total Direct and Indirect Costs listed above to have a better understanding of your potential out of pocket costs for the year.

Section 3

Section 3 shows the estimated Grants and Scholarships. These types of aid do not have to be repaid. Many grants and scholarships are renewable but may have specific eligibility requirements you must maintain. View our Types of Financial Aid page to learn more about the requirements. You can also click the “Click to View Message” link next to some types of aid for brief descriptions.

Section 4

The last section of the Financial Aid Offer displays the student’s loan eligibility. Loans are a type of financial aid that MUST be repaid in accordance with the terms of the loan. Students have the option to accept or decline the student loans listed on their Financial Aid Offer.

Amounts listed for Federal Direct Subsidized or Federal Direct Unsubsidized loans are the maximum amounts a student can borrow based on their grade level and dependency status NOT the amount the student is going to owe. Carefully consider your expenses and other types of financial aid available before making the decision to accept student loans.


Federal Direct Subsidized and Federal Direct Unsubsidized loans must be accepted or declined on the “Accept/Decline Loans” page of the Financial Aid Portal. You can also accept a lower amount by typing in the amount you would like to receive. Subsidized loans are the better of the two so if you don’t need the full amount, start with those first. For more information about the differences between subsidized and unsubsidized student loans click here.

Some types of financial aid require the students to complete additional documents. Documents can be viewed by clicking the “Click to View Documents” link or by going to the “Missing Items & Messages” page of the Financial Aid Portal. Your financial aid will NOT be applied to your charges or viewable on your myTech account until all documents are received.

The amounts listed on your Financial Aid Offer are subject to change and based on predicted enrollment information. Check your myTech account and Financial Aid Portal regularly for updates.

Your Financial Aid Offer will be available after you submit your FAFSA (and any required documents) and are admitted into a State Tech program. Students will receive an email to their State Tech student email account when their offer is available. Check your State Tech email account regularly for a link to the Financial Aid Portal and other important updates!

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