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Use of Procurement Card

Procurement card should be used for purchases requiring immediate payment.

  • If vendor imposes a surcharge to use the card, cardholders are discouraged from using the card.
  • Named Cardholder is the only person authorized to make purchases using the card, with the exception of check out or shared departmental cards.
  • Responsibility and accountability for the card resides at the department level.
  • Purchases must not exceed the Cardholder’s approved credit limit. Temporary or permanent credit limit increases can only be processed by the Business Office upon request of the cardholder.
  • Credit card purchases do not eliminate bid requirements or any other required purchase approvals.
  • Purchases involving Trade-In Allowances must be preapproved by the Business Office.
  • Grant Charges: Cardholder is responsible for verifying that any grant related purchase is allowable per grant guidelines prior to placing the order.
  • Receipt(s) or invoice(s) from the vendor must support every purchase. Receipt must include vendor name, amount, date, and itemized description of the purchase.
  • Cardholders must accurately code and attach documentation for all purchases by the 10th of the subsequent month of the date of the transaction. December transactions must be completed before winter break starts.  May transactions must be completed before the end of the spring semester if cardholder is not a 12-month employee.
  • Cardholders are discouraged from making automatic recurring payments with the procurement card. Cardholder is responsible for maintenance and cancellation of any automatic recurring payments.
  • Any fraudulent or personal use of the procurement card by Cardholder may result in termination of cardholder privileges and/or discipline up to and including termination of employment.



Responsible administrator or office: Business Office

Contact person in that office: Jenny Jacobs

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 16, 2023

Approved by President: August 16, 2023

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