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Vacation Leave

All eligible employees with a minimum of 80 hours paid time in a pay period accrue vacation leave. 12-month employees will earn 8 hours of vacation leave per month. Contracted employees working less than 12 months do not accrue vacation.

Employees accrue vacation the first of the month following the month of service. Employees may carry days forward from one month to the next. The maximum amount of vacation leave that can be carried forward is 192 hours. Employees terminating employment for any reason are entitled to payment for their accrued, unused hours of vacation leave and leave will not be approved with less than two weeks from termination. Vacation will be paid at the employee’s base rate at the time the leave is taken. Vacation pay is not included in overtime calculation and does not include any special forms of compensation. If a holiday falls during the employee’s vacation, the day will be charged to holiday pay rather than to vacation pay. In the absence of accumulated leave, all deductions from employees’ salaries will be made on a pro-rated basis, according to the employee’s daily pay rate. Employees may transfer up to 96 hours of vacation if coming from another state agency.



Responsible administrator or office: Human Resources

Contact person in that office: Amy Ames

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 16, 2023

Approved by President: August 16, 2023

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