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How do I prepare for an advising session?

Your advisor will have a copy of your schedule for the upcoming semester. They will go over it with you and ask if you have any questions. You and the advisor will review the program requirements and discuss elements to include:

  • Courses required to complete your degree program
  • Program requirements
  • Graduation requirements
  • What it means to be in good academic standing

You may also talk about plans outside the classroom including discussions about internships and job placement after graduation.

You may want to start thinking about several items:

  • What career do I want? Where do I want to live?
  • What are my life goals? How can these jobs help me achieve them?
  • How can I fit work in with my current schedule?

Once you sign off on the course schedule, your Advisor will sign it as well, and the schedule becomes official. You will be able to find a copy in myTech.

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