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Law Enforcement and Jurisdiction of Policy Statements

State Tech does not employ campus police. The Maintenance Staff has been charged with monitoring campus for parking violations and securing buildings after hours. State Tech employees do not have the authority to arrest and are expected to notify the Osage County Sheriff’s Office of any incident that may lead to an arrest. A Memorandum of Understanding exists between the College and the Osage County Sheriff’s Office for the investigation of any alleged criminal offenses. (See Appendix A –link https://statetechmo.edu/the-clery-act-campus-save-act-and-vawa-amendments/ )


State Tech has a very good working relationship with the Osage County Sheriff’s Office, Linn Police Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol Troopers assigned to the area, and Missouri Department of Conservation Agent for Osage County. State Tech works with these local law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of employees and students both on and off campus. Any student, staff, or faculty member of State Tech must report any criminal activity at the earliest possible opportunity (but never to exceed 24 hours) to the Vice President of Student Affairs or the Chief of Staff. In addition, persons who are aware of any criminal activity on campus must report that activity to the appropriate law enforcement agency. This agency is the Osage County Sheriff’s Department (Linn Campus). This policy extends to alleged criminal activity and information concerning criminal activity. Criminal activity is defined as any activity in conflict with local, state or federal law. Pastoral and Professional Counselors working with students who disclose information regarding crimes, but wish to be kept confidential, may follow the procedures for voluntary confidential reporting outlined above.



Responsible administrator or office:  Appropriate Vice President/Chief of Staff level administrator

Contact person in that office: Appropriate Vice President/Chief of Staff level administrator

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 16, 2023

Presidential approval: August 16, 2023

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