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Why State Tech Welding?

State Tech vs. Welding School

At State Tech we know you have many options when it comes to learning the trade of welding. Some of these options are as short as 4-6 months, which seems like a great deal.  However, the easiest path is rarely the most rewarding path.  Below are a few questions your should ask if you are considering one of these short term options.

Is the school accredited?

If the school is not Higher Learning Commission Accredited the courses will not transfer to another college.  Shouldn’t courses be transferrable?  State Tech is Higher Learning Commission Accredited like most other colleges and universities.

Can you get financial aid?

Unaccredited schools may advertise they award financial aid but read the fine print…State Tech’s accreditation means our students can apply for Federal Financial Aid using the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Benefits of Federal Student Aid includes checking for eligibility for the Pell Grant. Pell Grant is a source of assistance that does not need to be repaid. In addition, students need to complete a FAFSA to be eligible for A+ funding. Other benefits for the federal student aid include fixed interest rate loans that are typically lower than private loans, you can defer payments while enrolled, no consigner required, and repayment doesn’t start 6 months after graduation.

Learn more about the process by clicking on the Federal Student Aid application process link here. State Tech’s Federal School Code is: 004711.

Is the school eligible for Missouri A+?

Some private schools may offer an A+ Scholarship which is usually worth a few thousand dollars.  If you go to an A+ high school, your A+ Scholarship will pay for all tuition and standard fees.  A+ at State Tech’s two-year welding program is worth over $20,000!

Do you want career mobility?

While the prospect of just getting a job in a few months sounds like a great deal what happens in a few years when you want to move into supervision or even make a career change?  Employers for decades have indicated the same importance employee traits: 1. Critical thinking and problem solving,  2. Teamwork and collaboration, 3. Professionalism and strong work ethic, 4. Oral and written communications skills.

While technical skills will help get you that first job, notice they are not in the top five.  Taking college level classes in oral and written communication and algebra for example will assure you have problem solving and communications skills.  Our AJA transcript measures your professionalism and work ethic. Because you are with us for two years you have the chance to work on a number of team-based projects.  Most importantly, you won’t just weld, you will work on projects that require advanced critical thinking skills like design and fabrication.  We know what employers are looking, that’s why we are the “Employers’ Choice.”

We know the prospect of a short-term certificate sounds enticing.  For some students with family commitments this may be their only option.  If you are like most State Tech students the investment in time is a small price for an accredited college degree that will carry you through your career.

You have the opportunity to graduate from one of the best colleges in the country at State Tech.  Thank your for considering State Tech and remember… At State Tech we don’t just say it we live it, From the Classroom to your Career, State Tech is the Employers’ Choice!

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